School Community

Our Christian Community

As a Church of England School, our Christian beliefs are at the heart of our ethos and teaching. The children take part in and lead daily collective worship and time for reflection is values and promoted. We use weekly ‘Key Person’ time to listen and share in each others successes and worries. National and International current affairs are discussed regularly and the children choose prayers and readings to express how they feel.

Collective Worship

We have regular opportunities during collective worship for the children to learn about other countries as well as national and global issues. View further information about our Collective Worship Policy:

Our Local Links

We enjoy working in partnership with staff and children from school in the local areas.

We take part in a wide variety of activities alongside other schools in the area including spots competitions and events and festivals.

Our staff enjoy working with local teachers in a variety of partnership and network groups covering a wide range of topics and curriculum areas.

International Friends

We enjoy having friends from all over the world.

At Hutton Henry CE Primary School we have enjoyed receiving and sending work and pictures to schools in Venezuela, Zambia, Poland and recently took part in a European Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange. This included sharing Christmas decorations with 30 schools across Europe. We have been lucky enough to receive visitors from both Venezuela and Zambia as well as some staff having the opportunity to visit those countries for themselves. Most recently we exchanged Easter gifts with a school in Poland.

Our Global links ensure that our children have a wide and varied knowledge of the world around them.

Sport in the Local Community

We take part in many inter school sports competitions and events. These allow us to show off our skills to other schools and also work together to achieve a sporting goal.

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