School Committees

At Hutton Henry, we encourage all children to be part of the school community and hold a position on one of our school committees.

Student Council

The student council help the staff to make important decisions about day-to-day school life.

Eco Committee

The Eco Committee are responsible for ecological issues around school such as recycling, energy efficiency and taking care of our outdoor environment.

Sports Committee

This committee promote sports and games in school. They take a lead in creating play opportunities at playtimes and help develop competitions throughout the school year, including at school games day.

RE Committee

The RE Committee take a lead in spiritual aspects of school life. They work hard to organise events in and out of school time, select our school Christian values and are involved in displays around school. They also help to organise the Shoe Box appeal for the Samaritan’s purse.

Library Committee

The Library Committee ensure the smooth working of the library by tidying the shelves and using the system to check books in and out. They are also involved in choosing new books and promoting reading to the rest of the school.

Kindness Committee

The Kindness Committee plan and organise events in school which promote kindness and  love such, part of their work is to support charities. They might also help to support the causes of these charities with some courageous advocacy.