British Values

At Hutton Henry CE Primary we provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of a wide range of the cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain.

What does DEMOCRACY look like in our school? – We can influence the way school runs and the decisions made through our committees and student council

What does THE RULE OF LAW look like in our school? – We understand that having rules in school and mirrors the laws of society and must be respected

What does LIBERTY look like in our school? – We are encouraged to confidently make choices for ourselves in the safe environment that school provides. We value courageous advocacy which allows us to impact positively on others too. Our choices must respect others.

What does RESPECT and TOLERANCE look like in our school? – We value faiths and beliefs of others and know it is unacceptable to dismiss the views and opinions of others.

Find out more about our approach to British Values by viewing tor downloading the document below:

British Values Hutton Henry